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If you would like further information, contact our awesome support team and our friendly staff will get in touch. Integration Tip

Perhaps one of the most widely used methods of iFrames in ProWorkflow is embedding your ‘’ Account Folder into ProWorkflow Projects on the Project Details Page.

Example of Box in PD Page


For those unfamiliar with embedding Box iFrames in ProWorkflow, here’s a simple tutorial showing you how:

Go into the designated folder in and click ‘More’, then select ‘Share’ and ‘Embed into Your Site’.

Box Folder Edited

Select your preferred Size, View, Sorting and Theme then copy the Embed Code shown below…


Click ‘Edit Project’ in ProWorkflow, go to the Description tab and click ‘Source’ then paste the highlighted embed code into the Project Description text field

Edit Project Edited

Click Finish Now


Virtually any website or web content can be loaded into your ProWorkflow Project Description using an iFrame.

iFrames are widely used across a range of different apps for embedding purposes. Therefore the same process applies to a variety of other tools as well, such as YouTube, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Jira etc.

ProWorkflow unaffected by Heartbleed

imageWe would like to assure customers that ProWorkflow has not been affected by the OpenSSL/Heartbleed issue.

Our servers do not use this technology and your data is not at risk.

Even though your ProWorkflow account is not affected, this is a timely reminder to practice good account and password security. Ensure you don’t share the same password across multiple sites/services and use complex passwords that are hard to guess. We recommend using software such as to manage your passwords securely.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Daylight Saving Changes

It’s that time of the year again as Day Light Savings changes are upon us – heading into winter hours for our Southern Hemisphere counterparts and sliding into summer hours for our Northern friends.

Don’t forget to update your radio alarms, watches, body clocks, car clock, smoke alarms and to also adjust your own time in PWF. If you’ve already made the transition then pop into your ‘Personal Profile’ now and adjust that time. If you’ve yet to hit the crossover date then pop the ‘Event’ into your ‘Calendar’ now.

Here’s a quick video to show you how to change your time:


Alternatively click the in-app Help button on the top right hand corner of your ProWorkflow account and search ‘Daylight’ to find a list of steps showing you how to adjust your own time.

Simplifying ProWorkflow!

ProWorkflow is completely scalable, which is why our freelancers and corporate clients love us.

Simplifying ProWorkflow is a great way to customize the tool to cater to your needs. We allow you to limit what certain staff members are able to see and do in the system using Roles and Permissions.

PWF Simple


PWF made even easier


Read below to find out how:


Project Settings:

Every project in ProWorkflow has a set of modules such as Messages, Files, Tasks, and Description etc… Selecting only the modules you need will help you simplify the interface and ensure that everything on screen is relevant to you and your business.

You can nominate the modules you want on or off in the Project Settings menu: “SETTINGS > Workflow – Project Settings”:

Simply select the modules you need and click update.

Note: This will apply to all new projects you create. You can also access the module settings on the right of every project page.



Users and Permissions:

Many companies want certain areas of ProWorkflow to only be available to a select number of individuals. We simplify this by allowing you to create Roles, each role has a set of permissions that determines what a user is able to see and do in the system.

To create and edit existing roles, simply go to “SETTINGS > Company > Users & Permissions”.

Here you can add a role or edit an existing role. For example, you can create a role for your team members and make it so that they have no access to the Reports or the Settings menus.

Permissions are granular, meaning that you can allow a user to view Projects but not Add, Edit or Delete Projects (the same can be done for other elements such as Tasks, Time etc…).

If you need help, get in touch and we’ll help you get sorted!